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Elderly Man Abandoned By His Own Family On His Birthday, But These Strangers Wouldn't Let Him Celebrate Alone

Patty Rodriguez / Facebook

As young children, we are all taught to respect our elders, especially when they reside in our family tree.  

One such elder was alone, seen setting up his own birthday celebration in a local restaurant in Boca del Rio, Mexico. Other guests were looking around curiously as they watched him set up a series of tables, hang streamers and lay down a series of birthday hats. All of which were intended for his children and grandchildren.

The man's cell phone began to ring, and upon reading the messages he received, both his face and demeanor dropped. It was clear to everyone in the restaurant that he had received bad news.

With the grace and strength that can only be mustered by someone who has seen a lot in his life, he stood up and addressed the entire restaurant with a statement that broke everyone's hearts.

"Please excuse me, but can I have your attention? Today is my birthday, I'm turning 61 years old and I wanted to celebrate with my family. I've been waiting for my children and grandchildren, but nobody has come," he announced. At this point he got emotional and had to pause before continuing. "Anyone who wants to can come sit with me and celebrate my birthday. I would also be forever grateful for a little birthday song," he added.

Without hesitation, every person in the restaurant got up from what they were doing and joined him in order to give him a 61st birthday that he will never forget.

In the end he did get his birthday party. He got his birthday song. He even got his birthday cake. He also got confirmation that the graciousness and kindness of complete strangers can sometimes be more reliable than that of family.

Sir, I feel for you, your family should be ashamed of themselves. And just to add to the day that you most assuredly deserve, Happy Birthday from all of us.