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Just 25 Adorable Gifts For People Who Love Elephants

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Ever since I was little, I've always loved elephants.

There's just something so sweet about these gentle giants, with their big flappy ears and long trunks.

Obviously I'm not alone, because there are all sorts of elephant-inspired products designed for people who appreciate pachyderms.

Whether they're big or small, the elephant products on this list all make great gifts.

1. Women's Elephant Slippers - $28.95

Made from warm and fuzzy material, these cute little slippers will keep your feet warm in the early morning - they're available up to size nine.

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2. Canvas Beach Bag - $11.88

Show off your love for elephants when you're out and about by bringing this stylish and sturdy tote bag. It holds an elephant-sized load of essentials.

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3. Coffee Mug - $14.99

This chic ceramic mug says "And the adventure begins," giving you a boost of encouragement each morning. It also holds a lot of coffee, which is important!

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4. Watering Can - $9.23

Looking after the garden is much more fun with this little guy by your side - just be careful not to let him munch on the flowers!

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5. Bottle Opener - $20

This is just the thing for opening cold drinks during a safari in the sweltering heat, or while you're relaxing in the backyard.

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6. Wall Calendar - $15.99

Nothing compares to seeing real elephants at work or in your home every day. This calendar features 12 months of beautiful elephant images from the pages of National Geographic.

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7. Elephant Bookends - $43.90

Oops! Your books almost fell off the shelf - good thing these two were there to catch them.

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8. Ring Box For Small Jewelry - $12.99

Organize your bedside table with this stylish elephant box. It looks like a small statue, so it's also a sneaky way to protect your jewelry.

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9. Teapot - $17.15

From the four adorable stubby legs to the trunk spout, this design is so cute it will make you wonder why every teapot isn't an elephant.

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10. Pink Elephant Pencil Holder - $6.99

Organize your unruly office supplies into a tidy herd with this pencil holder. The trunk also doubles as a cradle for your phone or tablet.

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11. Coat Rack - $19.95

Everyone needs a place to hang their hat, and you can't do much better than this cute elephant coat rack in a trio of colors.

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12. Statue Lamp - $48.95

The elephants under this lamp are beautifully sculpted, but the silhouettes along the lampshade are just as pretty.

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13. Ring Holder - $14.99

It looks like ivory, but this elegant ring holder is actually made from resin. Still, it looks great in any room and protects your jewelry.

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14. Utensil Drainer - $20.99

Take some of the stress out of washing dishes with this quirky utensil holder. Water drains out through the trunk. It's also useful for holding wet toothbrushes.

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15. 2-Pack Plant Pots - $10.99

This two-for-one deal includes a mama elephant plant pot with a smaller baby pot to match. They're perfect for small indoor plants, including succulents.

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16. Humidifier - $49.99

Not only does this cute machine make your home much more comfortable, the humid air it puffs out its trunk is also great for sick kids.

Get it here!

17. Tape Dispenser - $13.87

I'm a simple man - if you can take a perfectly useful piece of office supplies and make it look like an elephant, I'm sold.

Get it here!

18. Toilet Paper Holder - $29.99

This trusty elephant always has TP handy, and screws into your wall. Yes, he can also hold jumbo-sized rolls.

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19. Day Planner - $17.99

They say elephants never forget, but humans sure do. So trust in this helpful elephant day planner for important events and reminders.

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20. Costume Jewelry Ring - $9.88-12.88

Yes, it's just stainless steel, but this chic ring looks good with anything and features plenty of cute elephants.

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21. Plush Toy - $11.87

This snuggly little fella is a great gift for young kids - or the grown-up elephant fan in your life. By the way, he also comes in blue or pink...

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22. Couples Keychains - $10.99

These smooching pachyderms are an easy way to show your favorite person that you care, and will keep your keys in order to boot.

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23. Wine Holder - $19.99

This elephant is a bit of a lush, but your guests are guaranteed to think he's cute and ask where they can get their own.

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24. Salt And Pepper Shakers - $12.99

Watch your cholesterol! It's sure to go up, because it's impossible to leave this cute salt shaker and its twin off the dinner table.

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25. Pink Elephant Tea Infuser - $10.95

Don't mind this little fella, he's just taking a soak in your teacup. It's no big deal, because he's also a tea infuser. How cute is that?

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