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Ellen Changes The Lives Of 41 Students With The Biggest Giveaway Yet

Ellen Degeneres is a generous person, that is just fact. But every once and a while she takes it up to the next level and does something so amazing that it gets everyone talking.

Ellen found out about the Summit Academy which works extra hard to get all their students to college. In the neighborhood where the school is located, only 4% of adults have attended college and more than 28% of kids under 16 are living in poverty.

To help them get to the life they want, the school focuses on sending the kids to college, but the cost is a big problem for many of the students.

That's where Ellen comes in. She found out about this and decided to send all 41 students in the senior class to college with a full scholarship to any school of their choosing in New York. They each have four-year scholarship that Ellen says is the biggest thing her show has ever done.

The students are so excited, "I really think I could do something with my life. I'm not going to be a disappointment. I'm going to be somebody."  

This generous gift was made with help by Walmart and is worth $1.6 million! That's a lot of money!

These kids are so deserving and are going to go on to some amazing things!

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