Police Take Elsa Away In Cuffs After Polar Vortex Freezes The Region


Police Take Elsa Away In Cuffs After Polar Vortex Freezes The Region


The country is the coldest it's been in more than twenty years. Schools are being canceled, postmen are staying home, and authorities across the country are warning citizens to bundle up or risk losing fingers and toes.

And now we finally know who to blame.

On Wednesday several cities set records as temperature plunged to new depths - and then kept falling. La Crosse, Wisconsin reported they had dropped down to -30° Fahrenheit, and that's before the wind chill kicks in.


Chicago is colder than Antarctica and Mount Everest, their wind chill makes someone feel like it's -50°. Although they won't feel it for long because at that temp frost bite can happen in as little as five minutes.

The town of McLean, IL has had enough of the dangerous cold and they've brought a culprit to justice - and we're not surprised to see the suspect.

Elsa, Queen of Arendell, and famous winter weather witch, was apprehended by McLean PD.

ATTENTION: Due to the EXTREME COLD weather, all criminal activity and acts of stupidity and foolishness has been...

Posted by McLean Police Department on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It's unlikely her arrest will end the cold snap, as the insane temperatures are expected to continue into February.

The police department is obviously just trying to warm up the population with some good humor and they are probably surprised at the reaction to their post.

It's been shared thousands of times and even made national news. I guess that's what happens when everyone is staying inside.

**WINTER STORM WARNING FOR BLOWING SNOW** 4-8" is what we're forecasting north of I-72, but many areas look to be on...

Posted by McLean Police Department on Friday, January 18, 2019

The arrest photos were actually from South Carolina, where the Snow Queen was arrested four years ago.

That explains the short sleeves. Anyone wearing those in Illinois right now would be losing their long arms of the law.

It's good to laugh, but remember that winter safety is no joke!

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