New Elvis Album Of Previously Unreleased Music Coming Out

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Elvis 'Sings' Duet With His Daughter On New Album Of Previously Unreleased Songs


We've all heard many of Elvis's songs over the years, and each and every one of them is iconic. When he passed away in 1977, we all thought that our world would be lacking the King's music forever.

However, it turns out that even when he's gone, the studio is still able to release new music from him.

The new album will be called "Where No One Stands Alone," and it features 14 tracks of Elvis singing gospel music. It's obviously a little different from what most people know him for, but it's the music that he started with before he became known as the "King of Rock and Roll."

Elvis Presley

He has spoken about how much gospel music meant to him in his life. "Since I was two years old, all I knew was gospel music," he said.

"It became such a part of my life, it was as natural as dancing. A way to escape my problems, and my way of release."

The songs are recorded from former studio recordings and even some live performances, and the album will record new instrumentation and backing vocals to fill out the sound.

Many of Elvis's former bandmates will be back to record on the album, including Donnie Sumner, Bill Baize, Ed Hill, and Larry Strickland.

One of the most exciting things about the new album is that it is giving Elvis's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, the opportunity to sing with her father. She recorded a duet with him, and getting to hear it all blended together has been something very special for the star.

"It was a very powerful and moving experience to sing with my father," she wrote in the album's notes. "The lyrics speak to me and touch my soul. I'm certain that the lyrics spoke to my father in much the same way."

The album will be released on August 10th, so you don't have to wait too long until you'll hear all the beautiful songs that meant so much to one of our biggest stars.

You can preorder the album now to help round out your Elvis collection.

Are you excited for this new album? Or do you think that you would rather them leave his old recordings alone?

Source - Metro