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Peek Inside Elvis And Priscilla Presley's Honeymoon Pad Before It's Sold

Dan Perry - Flickr / Gary Hoffman - Bennion Deville Homes

Elvis Presley's most famous digs will always be Graceland, the luxurious estate which has become a museum of Presley's life and a tourist hotspot for his legions of fans.

But when you live life as big as the King did, of course one gorgeous mansion isn't enough.

Elvis Presley Honeymoon home
The 5,000 square foot home in Palm Springs was Presley's honeymoon getaway.Gary Hoffman - Bennion Deville Homes

Now, another piece of property that Presley once called home, a funky Palm Springs bungalow, has hit the market, and has given fans a rare glimpse into the singer's early married life.

Newlyweds Elvis and Priscilla shacked up in the California home after their 1967 marriage, which was held in secret in the owner's suite at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas.

Elvis Presley Honeymoon Home
Bennion Deville Homes
Elvis Presley Honeymoon Home
Elvis memorabilia, including photos and portraits of the singer, are included in the asking price.Gary Hoffman - Bennion Deville Homes

And only the most obsessive Elvis fans will point this out, but their daughter Priscilla was born nine months to the day of their wedding, so the home has a very special place in the singer's history.

But now, it seems even a connection to the King can't move the bungalow, which was originally listed at $9.5 million but has shrunk down to a discounted $2.69 million asking price.

Elvis Presley Honeymoon Home
Gary Hoffman - Bennion Deville Homes
Elvis Presley Honeymoon Home
The kitchen features an indoor grill on the center island.Gary Hoffman - Bennion Deville Homes

Called the "House of Tomorrow" when it was built in 1960, the home was built in the modernist style, and features many kitschy touches like pod-shaped furniture and floating stairs.

At 5,000 square feet, there was plenty of room for the new couple to stretch out, and amenities like a fireplace and swimming pool to enjoy.

Elvis Presley Honeymoon Home
Bennion Deville Homes

Part of the home's appeal today is that much of its original decorations from the 1960s are intact, and included in the price of the home.

There's even one-of-a-kind Elvis memorabilia like portraits of the singer included in the asking price.

Elvis Presley Honeymoon Home
Gary Hoffman - Bennion Deville Homes

Of course, some of the vintage design choices seem out of touch, but there are some nice features, like floor-to-ceiling windows and a freestanding tub in the master bathroom, that modern home buyers could appreciate.

While Elvis and Priscilla spent the happiest years of their marriage vacationing at the house, of course their love story had an unhappy ending.

Elvis Priscilla Presley
Presley only leased the house for two short years, but it was his home with Priscilla at the start of their marriage.Wikimedia

The couple divorced in 1973, and Presley would die just four years later, in Graceland, from a major heart attack.

Still, maybe some Elvis superfan with $3 million burning a hole in their pocket will scoop up this home and keep the couple's memory alive.

And if you'd like to step inside the home before it's sold, its current owners are still offering daily tours by appointment.

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