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Enter If You Dare: The 10 Most Haunted Places On Earth

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Depending on how brave you are, this is either a list of 10 places to avoid at all costs or some inspiration for your next holiday!

1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

This creepy building is a triple threat, because it was an asylum, a Civil War military post, and there's also a cemetery on the grounds. The asylum stayed open until the 1980s, when the awful conditions and poor treatment got it shut down for good. But some patients are said to roam the halls even now...

2. The Monte Cristo Homestead

Called Australia's most haunted building, the Monte Cristo Homestead was originally owned by the Crawley family, who saw a number of tragedies including a young boy falling down the stairs, a maid falling off the balcony and a stable boy dying in a fire.

The new owners seemed to inherit the spirits, because a new caretaker was murdered after the home was sold in 1948.

The mannequins add to the distressing atmosphere.Richard Swan

3. The Ancient Ram Inn

Owned continuously since 1145, the Inn is rumored to be built on a pagan burial ground, and has hosted its fair share of dark rituals. Guests report being harassed in their bed by spirits, and the owner won't go anywhere in the building without his Bible. Strangely, the scary reputation has actually made the tiny Inn a big success.

4. Saint Augustine Lighthouse

A lighthouse might not seem very scary, but once you're inside you realize how secluded and eerily quiet these buildings are. The Saint Augustine is also full of restless spirits, including the daughters of the builder - who died during construction.

The old lighthouse keeper William A. Harn still roams the basement, and a woman can be heard crying for help from the top floor while ghostly footsteps race after her. These spirits appear so regularly that this has been called the "Mona Lisa" of paranormal sites.

5. Cecil Hotel

The real-life inspiration for American Horror Story: Hotel, the Cecil has been host to a long list of disturbing events since the 1920s. Two serial killers called the hotel their home, and there have been a number of mysterious suicides there.

But the most frightening case of all was the disappearance of Elisa Lam, who vanished from the hotel under mysterious circumstances before re-appearing in the hotel's water tower.

Eliza Lam's disappearance still baffles the world.Historic Mysteries

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