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Princess Eugenie Forced To Delay Wedding Because Of Prince Harry & Meghan

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Your wedding day is the most important 24 hours of your life, where you and your soul mate join together for the rest of your lives. It takes a lot of careful planning, but with enough time, there's no reason why you can't get almost everything you want!

Unfortunately, even members of the royal family have to put up with relatives interfering with their carefully laid plans.

When we heard about the latest royal engagement between Princess Eugenie and her beau, Jack Brooksbank, we were thrilled to have another darling couple to fawn over throughout 2018!

The pair have been dating for over seven years, and couldn't have looked happier in their official engagement photos together.

But while the world was excited for their relationship, it seems that their wedding plans have been shuffled to accommodate the other royal couple in the headlines.

It seems that Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank were hoping for a late summer-to-September wedding, but they will now have to move their plans back.

One source revealed that the pair were anxious to tie the knot as quickly as they could, and normally that wouldn't have been a problem, if not for the schedules of the next royal couple to wed.

"The issue is that some members of the Royal Family already have commitments in the diary," says the source. "There is talk of a number of foreign tours for Prince Harry and Miss Markle this year, and September is a date that has been looks as if Eugenie and Jack will go for October instead."

Both the princess and Brooksbank are very tradition-oriented, and family friends say that they have wanted to keep the proceedings formal, keeping in line with the monarchy's historical traditions.

"Jack went and asked the Duke's permission for his daughter's hand in marriage beforehand," said one friend.

"[The Duke] was absolutely delighted as they all love Jack. He's a good man and he and Eugenie are so happy together."

Do you think it's fair for them to have to rearrange their special day for the other royals?