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Your Chocolate Turning White Is Actually Fine

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It happens all too often: you come home from work and open up a chocolate bar you've been saving all week to find it's turned gross and spotty.

What happened to your tasty chocolate bar, and is it still safe to eat? I know a lot of people who will just throw a chocolate bar out if they see these white spots on their candy, but that's a little rash.

In fact, chocolate does taste different when these spots appear, but it's still safe to eat. They're caused by a chemical reaction called sugar bloom, where sugar forms tiny crystals on the surface of your chocolate.

If you're like me and you prefer a cold, crisp chocolate bar, you'll probably run into sugar bloom a lot because you store chocolate in the fridge. If the appearance of sugar bloom turns your stomach, you can make it go away.

But first, you'll need to play doctor and identify if your chocolate is suffering from sugar bloom or another condition called fat bloom.

So what does fat bloom look like?

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