Every Mom Will Recognize These Facebook Types


Every Mom Will Recognize These Facebook Types

For some of us, Facebook is our only connection to the real world outside diaper changes, spit ups and feeding schedules. We log on during naptime, while walking in the park or when we make a 5 minute escape to the toilet. After having a baby, your Facebook browsing experience is totally different. Whether it's adding a new mom you met at playgroup "as a friend" or reconnecting with old high school acquaintances that also had a baby around the same time, your feed becomes littered with pictures of milestone moments and afternoon snack recipes.


Here's a guide to the types of mom you will have on your Facebook feed:

The #Blessed Mom

Her kids are always smiling in matching outfits while having a picnic lunch at the park. Her house is clean and her home cooked meals look like something out of a magazine. Every post she makes is optimistic and cheery. #Blessed is her favorite hashtag. You're sitting there, unshowered, bags under your eyes, while your kid pulls apart the kitchen drawer for the tenth time today. Where did I go wrong? Sometimes you dream about having her life, other times you just want to smack her.


The Debbie Downer

Rude strangers, kid tantrums and long lines at the grocery store are often complaints of the Debbie Downer. Her posts are riddled with punctuation and her vague and bitter comments make you wonder why you ever friended her in the first place.  

The Direct Sales Mom

After having a baby, they decided not to go back to work but to try their hand at making money from home. They have invited you to countless groups and events on Facebook with an attempt to get you to try their newest product or host a party. Every second or third post seems to be something from them as they post multiple times a day. While you want to support them, you are getting annoyed with how much you see their face on your feed.

The Content Curator

Did you see the video of the dog chasing the duck? Or the newest quiz about which Backstreet Boy you are? I bet you have, because it was posted on this mom's Facebook page. She occasionally posts about her own life, but her page is mostly a flow of viral content including videos, memes and recipes. Without this mom you will never know the best travel tips to taking your kid to Disney.

The Mom Who Isn't on Facebook

While this is a rare breed, you wonder what she does in the 5 minutes while her kid is quiet eating a snack. This mom is constantly texting you to get the details of the Facebook event that she was invited to, but can't see since she isn't on the network. You wonder what her life is like since you can't get a regular glimpse through the app on your phone.

The Facebook Hero

She is what makes your Facebook breaks worth-while. She posts regularly, but not too often. She doesn't complain but she gives a dose of reality when it's needed. Every now and again she shares a video or article that you always click because it's actually relevant and interesting. Why can't more of my mom friends be like this?

Which category do you fall into?