Every Parent Can Relate To This Zoo Keeper With A Clingy Panda Cub

It's time for your kid's afternoon nap  and you're hoping to use that time to do a little cleaning. Suddenly, they're out of bed and chasing you around the house, and nothing you do can convince them to go lie down.

That's not exactly the situation facing this zoo keeper, but it's pretty close. All he wants to do is tidy up this baby panda's enclosure, but no matter what he does the little guy crawls right back over.

Since iPanda shared the video it's been seen more than 130 million times, which won't be surprising once you watch this little cub's cute antics.

#MoodBooster --Nanny, play with me, no working! --Baby, just a minute. --hmmm, I will stop you with my cuteness!

Posted by iPanda on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

It must be frustrating, but who could possibly be mad at that adorable face? Hopefully once the keeper got his work done he could schedule in some playtime for the two of them.

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