Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Terrifying Giant Chicken

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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Terrifying Giant Chicken

The world is full of some strange things, sure, but some set the internet off like no other and this chicken has absolutely taken the world by storm (which is not a sentence anyone expects to read).

People have understandably freaked out a bit over this weird sighting. When this chicken starts coming out of the chicken coup it just doesn't seem to stop!

It's enormous! And it really just walks out as if it isn't this crazy-giant-dinosaur-bird! There are actually two of these chicken in the video which is perhaps what freaked people out the most.

It turns out, these chickens aren't some crazy mutant hybrids that will take over the world, they are just Brahma chickens that are supposed to be terrifyingly large.

They are from Shanghai and were first brought to america in the 1850s. They are massively tall chickens, standing between 1.7 to 2 feet tall. Seeing as how a normal chicken is about 16" tall, that's pretty impressive!

How would you feel if one of these enormous guys ran up to you? I would be terrified!

It does however answer a lot of questions about why Foghorn Leghorn from the Looney Toons was so enormous compared to other animals! Maybe he was just a Brahma rooster!

Check out the video below and prepare yourself to be confused by the terrifying size of these birds.