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Everyone Stopped To Watch How This Waiter Stepped In To Help A Woman Eat

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A lot of people have had bad experiences at restaurants where the servers  were rude or ignored them. But one photo has been spreading across the internet that proves there are some amazing waiters out there who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Joe Thomas has worked at the IHOP in Springfield, Illinois for 11 years. He has his regulars and treats everyone like they are family.

"I love the people. I just love my life, and I love the way I am," he told CBS News.

Thomas had become familiar with a couple who were coming into the restaurant once a week. He noticed that the woman's husband would help her eat her food first before even touching his. The woman has Huntington Disease which causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain.  

Thomas decided that the man deserved to eat his food hot, so one day after he delivered their breakfast he sat down with them and waved her husband away and started cutting up her eggs.

"I didn't really offer. I just started doing it. I told the gentleman to 'Sit down, eat your food. I got her," Thomas explained.

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