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Expecting Moms: Try This Kinesiology Tape Trick For Drug-Free Pain Relief

If you're looking for a drug-free way to get some pain relief, alleviate nausea, swelling, difficulty sleeping and increased sensitivity, you'll want to buy a roll of Kinesiology tape.

Kinesiology tape experts at Thera Tape offer some super helpful hints for moms about how to properly use the product to alleviate some of pregnancy's most annoying discomforts.

Diary of a fit Mommy

One of the best things about Kinesiology tape is that (when applied correctly) it can provide 24/7 relief that lasts up to 5 days per application.

It is water resistant, and almost identical to skin in thinness and elasticity. It offers continuous comfort, support and allows for full range of motion. The only downside, is that you're going to need your partner or buddy to help you apply it.

Front Sling With Baby Belt

Front Sling:

  • Cut 2 strips about 15" long.
  • Raise arms above head.
  • Attach Strips at pelvis and carefully run over the stomach to the rib cage

Baby Belt:

  • Cut 2 pieces about 3 feet long
  • Anchor tape at front of hip
  • Mom raises arm
  • Apply the tape from beneath belly and around to the opposite shoulder blade
  • Repeat on the other side.


Baby Belt

Front Sling

Acorn Health

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