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This Exterminator Showed The World What He Deals With, The Internet Screamed Accordingly

Caution: If you don't like creepy crawlers you may want to look away. This is enough to turn away even the bravest person.

Noel Parminter was conducting a routine termite inspection in Australia (why is it always Australia?!) when he stumbled upon a cluster of recently hatched huntsman spiders. He did what any good Aussie would do: filmed them.

You can watch the hundreds of baby nightmares crawl and scurry all over the nest and wood. Parminter said he was "able to get in close and blow them a kiss" because...well why wouldn't you?

This would be enough to make anyone feel squeamish, but it isn't until Parminter pulls back and finds another surprise - Momma, watching over her brood and Parminter.

Huntsman spiders can get as big as 12 inches long, which is about a foot too long for me. He said that the one he saw was "only" about 20 cm (8 inches).

You didn't need to sleep tonight did you?

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