Extreme Couponer Mom Feeds More Than 30,000 People With Clippings

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Extreme Couponer Mom Feeds More Than 30,000 People With Clippings

If you're a fan of the TLC show, Extreme Couponing, then you're going to love Lauren Puryear's story.

One year before her 30th birthday, she decided to set a very special goal for her third decade. She decided that she would feed 30,000 people before her 30th birthday. If that wasn't incredible enough, Puryear challenged herself to do it all with extreme couponing."Œ

Lauren Puryear

This wasn't Puryear's first extreme couponing challenge. Last year, she delivered 5,000 meals to people in New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and surrounding areas. She was able to do this thanks to her dedication to clipping coupons and shopping in bulk.

"After I couponed for 50 jars of Ragu sauce and 100 boxes of Barilla pasta all for FREE, I knew I was going to make a difference in the world," she told Scary Mommy.

She tells the website that she was inspired by her grandmother who taught her to help other people and love them. "I know that she would want me to carry on her legacy."

Lauren Puryear

Puryear started her own organization to provide food and other essentials to the homeless population. For the Love of Others gives uncooked meals to families in need, weekend meal bags to children in schools and even served a green eggs and ham meal for some preschools in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday!"Œ

As for her goal to feed 30,000 people? She completed her quest months ahead of schedule! But she's not stopping there:

"I will keep on feeding until then and see what number I can get up to," she said. "Maybe 300,000!"

[h/t Scary Mommy]