10 Facts About Paula Deen That Will Make You See Her As More Than "The Butter Queen"


10 Facts About Paula Deen That Will Make You See Her As More Than "The Butter Queen"

Paula Deen, also known as "The Butter Queen," is one of TV's most most recognizable cooking gurus. Over the years, the cook's inspiring rags to riches story made everyone fall in love with her and her southern-style comfort cuisine.

Unfortunately, there was a time when her career went through the ringer after she admitted to using racial slurs. As a result, she lost her position at Food Network, multiple endorsements, and the respect of many fans.

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Deen, who is known for her perseverance, has since apologized for her actions and managed to make a comeback with two television shows currently on air, and a stint on Dancing with the Stars.

However, despite everything we think we know about Deen, there is still so much about the 71-year-old television personality that we're not aware of. So here are 10 facts that will make you see her in a whole new light.

1. She used to be a brunette

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Most of us are familiar with Deen's grey locks, but she actually used to be a brunette.

2. She suffered from agoraphobia


While in her 20s, Deen started experiencing severe panic attacks and agoraphobia, a type of anxiety disorder in which a person has a fear of situations or places that make them feel trapped. Her condition was so bad that she wasn't able to leave her house. Instead, she focused on cooking for her family, and perfected the skills that would later make her famous.

3. She has a couch in place of her bathtub

In an interview with Us Weekly, Deen revealed that she doesn't have a tub in her bathroom, she has a couch. She never really explained why, so we're still very confused.

4. Forensic Files is her favorite TV show


Deen craves mystery just like the rest of us, and even admitted that she loves solving crimes to the crowd at the 2010 NYCWFF.

5. The last name "Deen" is from her first marriage


Although she remarried after her divorce from Jimmy Deen, the TV chef didn't want to go through the hassle of changing her last name, so she kept her first husband's name.

6. Her parents died when she was in her 20s

Paula's childhood wasn't all rainbows and butterflies. Her parents divorced when she was young, and they both passed away by the time she was 23. This triggered her chronic agoraphobia.

7. She was fired from Food Network


After admitting to using racial slurs in a deposition, Deen was immediately dropped by the network. She allegedly suggested in the deposition that the black staff at her restaurant dress up as slaves for a wedding her company was catering.

8. There's one food she doesn't like

There's no denying that Deen loves creamy, buttery, and cheesy dishes, but there is one food she will not mess with: goat cheese.

9. She loves casinos


In a previous interview, the Deen described herself as a "slot slut." She said that she loves going to casinos and gambling on the slot machines.

10. She has been turned into a comic book character

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Back in 2013, it was reported that she was going to be turned into a "Female Force" comic book character.

"Paula Deen is still an inspirational woman who has suffered much adversity in her life and overcome many obstacles," writer of the comic Michael Troy told Fox411. "Her story is fascinating, and it's easy to see why Bluewater would consider her for their 'Female Force' line of Biography comic books that [focus] on powerful women."

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