Family goes to donate clothes, End up saving a Life.

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your closest and basement and donate some stuff to local charity!

Christy Tinsley Ilfrey and her family had done just that, and were ready to drop off some clothes in a donation bin before hitting the beach. Ilfrey opened the door to the donation bin when she suddenly heard desperate meowing from inside.

"I pulled the lever again and peered inside," Ilfrey said. "There, scurrying along the metal floor, was a tiny gray kitten. He was panicking. I called to my daughter and husband who were still inside our car, and they joined me at the bin."

The Dodo

The Ilfrey family called the number on the donation bin, but it was a Sunday and they couldn't reach anyone. Sage, the couple's daughter, suggested lowering herself into the bin. But both mom and dad knew that wasn't the best idea.

Ultimately, the family knew they had to call the Aransas Pass Police Department, who came with the Aransas Pass Fire Department. The rescue team had to take apart the donation bin and finally were able to reach the tiny kitten.

The Dodo
The Dodo

"One firefighter then reached deep into the bin," Ilfrey said. "A very tiny, very hungry gray furball emerged just as an officer from Aransas Pass Animal Control arrived. The entire rescue lasted less than thirty minutes."

Without hesitation, the Ilfrey family knew they had to adopt this kitten for themselves.

"Sage and I had recently discussed getting a playmate for our cat, Lupine," Ilfrey said. "We live in a tiny home with three dogs and a cat, but we knew we could make room for this sweet little soul."

The kitten was named Jones, and he now has a happy new family!

The Dodo

"He loves all of his new siblings," Ilfrey said. "He is particularly fond of our dog Grover and snuggles next to him during nap time. He is definitely one brave and resilient little boy!"

The Dodo

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