New Family Photo Sparks Concern About "Little People, Big World" Star's Health


New Family Photo Sparks Concern About "Little People, Big World" Star's Health

For more than a decade, the Roloffs, stars of the TLC hit reality show Little People, Big World have let us into their home and lives every week so we can have a better understanding of what it is like to live with dwarfism.

It didn't take long for viewers to realize that Matt and Amy Roloff, and their children Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob, are just like any other American family and deal with real, relatable problems.

Over the years, we've watched them go through some of their most intimate moments, hardships, controversies, and big milestones.

From weddings to babies, health scares and a divorce, fans were there for it all. Sometimes it even seems like the viewers have become part of the family. There is a strong sense of attachment that many fans have for the Roloffs, and that was recently made clear after the latest family photo was posted online.

The photo

Matriarch Amy shared a photo of her family dining together on Instagram. The snap, which was taken by her boyfriend, Chris Marek, included Amy, nearly all of her children, their significant others, as well as her grandchildren.

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"Sunday brunch!" Amy wrote in the caption. "Joel was in town w/ a good friend to attend a wedding. We missed Molly not being there. Special time to get together w/ my family and Chris and share a moment together."

Little did she know that the photo along with the caption would send fans into panic mode.

Why? Zach is absent from the photo.

People took to the post's comment section to inquire about Zach's whereabouts. Their concern is actually justified. Zach has been struggling with his health lately, so many assumed his absence is related to that.

So what's the truth?

What's wrong with Zach?

According to Inquisitr, Zach has been dealing with some severe symptoms, and he shared some of the details on the last season of the show.

He expressed that the pain he was experiencing made it feel like he was on his "deathbed."

"Lately, I've just been getting really sick," he said. "Big, throbbing headaches. It's never been this bad. The headache is what's killing me," Zach said on the show.

His family thought the headaches he was getting was caused by a shunt that was implanted in his head when he was younger, but a doctor later told them that wasn't case.

Turns out, his headaches were a result of stress, which was most likely brought on by the fact that he was on the verge of becoming a dad for the first time.

Amy's explanation

Since Zach was missing at brunch, fans assumed that his condition may be worse than they're letting on.

In order to get answers directly from the family, they started commenting under the family photo Amy posted.

Lucky for them, she confirmed that Zach is doing well, and missed the gathering for a very good reason.

"He stopped by later. Had work to do," she wrote in the comments.

We hope Zach is doing well and this isn't just an excuse his mother gave to stop the fans from speculating about her son's health.

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