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Family Rescued Sickly Kitten With Swollen, Pink Eyes - You Won't Believe How Gorgeous He Got!

Little Silas was found wandering alone on the side of the road. He was a sickly, homeless kitten with an obvious eye infection that looked swollen, pink and painful.

Luckily for him a family opened their hearts to the poor kitten and vowed to nurse him back to health. They brought him back to their Florida home and began the process of cleaning up his dirty, matted fur and treating his tiny eyes.

After a warm bath, lots of good food and endless TLC, the lonely little kitten (now named Silas) was looking better than ever!

Silas is one lucky cat! Who can say what might have happened to this beautiful boy if his family hadn't stopped to rescue him that day. Silas is living proof that we can all make the world a better place by spreading the cycle of love.

See more stunning photos of this gorgeous boy by following Silas on Instagram.

Source: One Green Planet

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