Fat Cat Learns To Swim, News Anchor Can't Stop Laughing

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Fat Cat Learns To Swim, News Anchor Can't Stop Laughing

Susan Bahorich takes pride in her job.

The news anchor in Roanoke, Virginia knows that being on TV means staying composed when you're live on air.

But, as with anything, there are exceptions.

Bahorich was reporting a fluff piece on a 13lb cat, Holly, who was trying to lose weight. Holly was swimming laps at a local pet resort and was even wearing a bright orange life-jacket.

Bahorich gets about halfway through the clip before she completely breaks into a fit of giggles.

The clip is pretty hilarious. Holly looks terrified, yet also content about her swimming arrangement. I don't really blame the anchor for cracking up...I did too!

According to the owner of the pet resort Holly was at, Holly is a very lazy pet.

"When I was talking to the owner, she said what the cat loves to do is lay in blankets all day long and watch TV, and her favorite show is when Maury Povich does the paternity test," said the owner.

You have to watch the clip...I dare you not to laugh!

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