Father Sends Daughters To Get "Blinker Fluid," Pulls Off The Best Prank

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Father Sends Daughters To Get "Blinker Fluid," Pulls Off The Best Prank

Sometimes the old jokes are the best ones. Parents will never get tired of putting a piece of tape over the TV remote's sensor, or sticking a party popper behind their bedroom door for some harmless fun.

But this dad brought back one of the all-time classics to trick his daughters on April Fools' day. Did your parents ever send you into a store to ask for blinker fluid, striped paint, or anything else that didn't really exist?

That's the joke he played on his kids, but with a few brilliant details that made it even funnier.

Along with blinker fluid, this dad asked his daughters to buy him a bucket of steam from the gas station. And it sounds like the employees had as much fun as he did, because they got a good laugh out of it.

The piece de resistance of this joke? Kids these days are hard to fool, but this dad went throught the trouble of printing out a fake coupon to make his daughters believe that blinker fluid was a real product.


Well done sir! In case you want to try this out on your own family, here's a pretty believable coupon to try.

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