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Father's Hidden Camera Captures Chilling Footage Of What Was 'Bothering' His Little Girl

A father was concerned when his young daughter told him "something was bothering her" while she was playing by herself. After investigating, her dad found nothing, but he installed security cameras to get to the bottom of it.

Upon reviewing the footage, the father finds out the creepy truth behind his daughter's fear.

At first, everything seems to be normal. His child is happily playing with her toys in the video, but something happens in the video at 17:10:31 in the background that she doesn't notice.

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Her doll, which is leaning motionless against the leg of a chair, begins to move. As the little girl plays, the doll nods its head up and down a few times before becoming still again. Although the little girl doesn't see it, she probably feels that something isn't right.

YouTube/Berita Nyata

Her dad posted the video online with two separate incidents and it has since been viewed by over 200,000 people.

One YouTube user commented: "Evil spirits are real. I hope they moved out of that house."

Another had more of a sense of humor. "Why don't ghosts ever clear up, do the dishes or hoover the carpet, always make a mess," wrote Michael Collier. 

What do you think? Could it be that their house is haunted?

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If a possessed doll wasn't scary enough, the dad's other camera captured something else that sent his daughter running from the room.

Once again, the girl is calmly playing, this time at a table in the living room. A stack of paper and colored pencils are scattered on the table - a typical scene for a house with children.

As the girl draws a picture, out of nowhere one of the papers moves towards her. At 20:22:25, another paper softly drifts towards the girl, as if by a slight breeze. The only problem is, none of the windows in the house appear to be open.

YouTube/Berita Nyata

Alarmed, the girl looks up and runs away from the table. After she leaves, something even more terrifying happens, but you'll have to watch the video to find out what it is:  

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