Fathers In Prison Get A Special One-Day Reunion With Their Children

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Fathers In Prison Get A Special One-Day Reunion With Their Children

Life in prison is hard, but it's also tough on your family members in the outside world. Take the children of prisoners for example: growing up without one of their parents takes a big toll on them emotionally and psychologically.

In fact, if one of your parents is in prison, you're six times more likely to wind up behind bars yourself. It's a problem so bad that Scottie Barnes calls prisoners' children "silent victims."

Barnes should know, he's the founder of a ministry called One Day With God that works to bridge the gap between prisoners and their kids. At special events organized by the ministry, fathers locked behind bars get to spend rare and precious moments with their children.

The two day event starts with a seminar where a small group of prisoners learn what it takes to be a good parent.

The next day, they get to meet their children. For some it's the first time they've seen them in years - or ever! Johnny Williams, who's serving a sentence for second-degree murder, met his 8-year-old daughter Arkinya Graham for the first time at One Day With God.

One Day With God

The day was more special for Williams than other inmates because he knew just how Arkinya felt. His father had been in prison when he was a kid, and he remembers the shame he experienced because of it.

Instead, he's helping Arkinya make happy memories she'll always remember.

Throughout the day there was a relay race, sing-alongs, a daddy-daughter dance and lots of bonding time.

"I missed everything. You being born. I wasn't there to kiss you, cut the umbilical cord. I wasn't there to see your first steps," Williams said on Nightline.

"I wasn't part of what you've achieved so far, but now I can't wait to be part of what you achieve in the future."

One Day With God

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