Fearless Hero Did This Right Away When He Saw A Shark On The Beach

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Fearless Hero Did This Right Away When He Saw A Shark On The Beach

Be honest: if you were on a beach and you saw a shark flailing around in the water, would you run towards it or away from it? Not many people would be brave enough to get close, which makes this daring rescue so incredible.

It happened at Jensen Beach, Florida, where Colin Parker and his friend Adam had been fishing. They noticed the shark seemed to be in danger and they rushed to help it, with Adam pulling the predator onto the beach and pinning it down.

The shark had bit a fishing hook and the line had wrapped around its body, but Adam had it free in no time.

This shark was a blacktip, which lives near the shore, where it raises its children. It's actually illegal to fish for blacktips in Florida, so this creature was either hooked by accident or someone was no good.

Luckily, thanks to some quick thinking this shark was unhooked and sent back into the ocean. Adam deserves a lot of credit, helping an animal in distress is a great thing, especially one as scary as a shark!

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