Final Decision Made In The Sad Case Of Jody Kossow, A Mother Who Murdered Her Son In Fear Of The Devil

A decision has finally been made in the case of the murder of young Thomas Kossow. Judge John Lowry has sentenced Kossow to 100 years of confinement at the Illinois Department of Human Service.

Kossow brutally stabbed her 8-year-old son, Thomas, to death in their front yard. She had attacked the boy believing that the devil was chasing her. Thomas was found with 55 stab wounds.

Left: Mom Jody Kossow, Right: Son Thomas

In a chilling recording, the court listened to Kossow's phone conversation with a 911 operator. She confessed to her son's murder but the reason why will send chills down your spine: "I just killed my son. Satan was coming after me. Oh, God. Satan was after me."

The boy had trouble sleeping on the night of September 10, 2013, so asked his mother to go outside and look at the stars. At the time, her husband and daughters were both asleep.

Kossow retrieved a paring knife from the kitchen and followed her son outside, where she killed him.

Despite the confession, the judge deemed Kossow innocent due to her mental health status. Kossow was found criminally insane, which means she wasn't capable of understanding that she was committing a criminal act.

Statements made by family confirmed that Kossow had exhibited a number of strange behaviors prior to the tragedy, as well as odd beliefs about witchcraft and religion.

Judge John Lowry sentenced her for 100 years of confinement at the Illinois Department of Human service.


This truly is a tragedy for this broken women and her family. Mental health is such a complicated issue that really needs to be treated more seriously in this day and age.

It is unknown if she realizes now what happened, or if she ever will. Whatever the cause for her psychotic break, Kossow will have to live with the knowledge of what she did for the rest of her life.

[h/t Daily Mail / RRStar]

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