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Finally: Invention Makes Any Food Taste Just Like Bacon

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When 26-year-old Kjetil Hansen learned just how unhealthy his love for bacon was, he was devastated. He was faced with two choices, live without one of the tastiest foods ever, or try and recreate bacon's unique flavor in a healthy way.

Against all odds, this business student with no experience as a chef has managed to do what no one else could: invent a healthy seasoning that makes any dish taste like bacon.

Now, he's turned his creation into a global business that's so successful he's struggling to keep up. It's no secret that we love bacon here at Shared, so we think Hansen deserves the Nobel prize for this groundbreaking creation.

The Story of Deliciou

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Posted by Deliciou's Bacon Seasoning on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hansen spent 8 months perfecting his invention, starting by trying out seasonings from the grocery store including chicken salt and Moroccan spice.

When those didn't do the trick, he moved on to a combination of spices and vegetable powders that recreate the smoky bacon flavor.

That's right: his creation is 100% vegetarian, as well as low fat, low calorie and low sodium. It delivers the bacon taste you love without impacting your health. It's the best invention since the bacon bowl.


People around the world are falling in love with the seasoning, and now you can try it too! Find out how on the next page!

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