This Show Gives Us A New Look At Misconceptions Of Being A Widow

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This Show Gives Us A New Look At Misconceptions Of Being A Widow

Unfortunately, losing a partner is something most people have to deal with. Once you hit a certain age, you hear stories about your friends who have lost a husband or wife and are slapped with the 'widow' label.

People look at you like you're somehow falling apart due to the loss. And while, yes, you are devastated emotionally, it doesn't mean you're now useless to society.

Add this to the under-representation of older women on television and society has essentially pushed older, widowed women into oblivion.

But now, thanks to the innovation and creativity of Toronto director/writer, Simon Paluck and his team, we're about to get some great content that connects both those demographics.

Get ready for the series, Widow's Web, which focuses on a main cast of four widowed women. Jennifer, a 65 year old widow, turns her weekly widow's group into an undercover surveillance team that is trying to dismantle the government corruption in their town.

Think Breaking Bad meets Golden Girls.

"I also want to help bridge the generational gap," says Paluck. "These women, yes are older but they're, more importantly, vibrant and funny. There is a uniqueness to their life/story, however, not an exclusivity! I'm excited to see these women transform as they go through that "rebirth". They're almost like teenagers, learning to navigate this new world around them! It's so much fun. I'm so excited."

Simon says he wants to break through the "blindspots" in mainstream media.

"Personally, I'm tired of the same redundant stories told through the same faces. I want to bring attention to real life people and their experience. For example, Widow's Web features a woman who is deaf and hard of hearing played by a very talented actor who, herself, is deaf! The chemistry these four women have is so palpable!"

The hope, says Simon, is to bridge the generation gap and acknowledge that "older women have a voice worth listening to."

"[They'll] prove they still have some serious fight in them despite being told they're done," says Paluck. "These women will reclaim their lives, find a new purpose, and prove that you only get better with age."

Shot locally with the help of his friends at KnowHauMedia, Simon and his incredible team are hoping to get funding to help keep the show rolling.

"This is phase one. The more views and audience engagement, the better. The goal here is to prove that the story is viable," says Paluck.

The trailer is very catchy! It starts off as an emotional story, but that twist at the end? To say I never saw it coming would be an understatement.

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