Firefighter Rescues Cat From Wildfires, And Now She Won't Leave Him

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Firefighter Rescues Cat From The California Wildfires, And Now She Won't Leave His Side

Facebook - Ryan Coleman

The California wildfires have been a destructive and catastrophic disaster that have rampaged across the state. The fires have not only destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, but also cost 79 people their lives (as of November 19th, 2018).

It's obviously been a hard time for families in the area, but the firefighters are doing everything they can to help out the people and creatures they can.

One firefighter shared his story on his Facebook, and while there is a lot of sadness, it's nice to have this one little moment of joy.

Ryan Coleman was in Paradise, California, helping to survey the ruins left in the wake of the fires, when he came across a friendly little cat.

The grey cat immediately clung to him, desperate for his attention. She crawled up his leg until he picked her up, then immediately situated herself on his shoulder.

People have been thrilled over his cute little videos, knowing that this poor cat had been through a horrific experience.

"Kitty rescue," he wrote when he shared the photos. "She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I'd walk around."

The video went completely viral, being shared thousands of times and receiving nearly two million views in just over a week.

Before Coleman found the cat, he had shared that he was starting his first shift on the scene of the wildfires, ready to help out in any way he could.

"On scene of the Camp Fire, and starting shift #1. My heart and prayers go out to the more than 2,000 families that lost their homes and and all the people that lost loved ones. Hoping for the safety of my crew and fellow firefighters. I'm excited to be here helping out, and I'm ready to get started doing what we do!"

Little did he know that his new best friend was exactly the thing people needed to see in the face of all this devastation.

While Coleman hasn't updated his page since posting the video, I would assume that he will be trying to reunite the sweet cat with her family. If they cannot be found, maybe he will have a best friend for life! It seems like she's quite fond of him!

Source - SFGate / Bored Panda / Facebook - Ryan Coleman

Our thoughts are with all the families and their pets affected by these wildfires. Stay safe.