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Dash Cam Captures Heart Stopping Moment When Four-Year-Old Girl Thrown Out Of Moving Bus

* Warning: Some viewers may find this content distressing *

An Arkansas volunteer firefighter was driving behind a church bus on a busy state highway, when he witnessed something that made his heart stop.

As the bus passed through an intersection, the back door swings open and a small child plummets to the hard, hot concrete below.

Firefighter, Ryan Ciampoli, raced out of his car towards the limb body of the four-year-old girl lying on the road. Ryan's emergency medical technician training and experience as a firefighter allowed him to assess the situation, carefully pick up the unconscious girl, and carry her to safety.

As she regained consciousness, the little girl began to kick and scream, shouting 'where's my mommy?' She suffered a broken jaw from the fall, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The girl's mother told Fox that she does not blame the driver for the incident, but would rather just focus on her daughter's recovery.

Ciampoli's dash cam caught the whole incident on video:

It took 15 minutes before the bus turned around and returned to the site where the little girl fell out. Tim Hampton, pastor at the Christina Life Center Church confirms with ABC News that the church will no longer be using that bus.

There are still so many questions left unanswered. Why did it take so long for anyone to realize she had fallen out? How did she get the door open?

Should the family press charges? You decide.

[h/t CNN / Scarry Mommy / ABC ]

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