Firefighters Try "Baaad" Impressions To Lure Out Trapped Sheep [Video]

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Firefighters Try "Baaad" Impressions To Lure Out Trapped Sheep [Video]

Firefighters use a lot of high tech tools and gadgets to do their jobs, but sometimes all it takes to save the day is a little creativity. Or a lot of creativity, and a good ear for impressions.

That's what Crew Commander Gallagher of the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service used when a young lamb was trapped underground. The animal had fallen into a hole and then crawled into a pipe underground. It was stuck too deep inside to pull out, so the firemen had to think of a way to lure it back out.

Thankfully, Gallagher had an idea.

Posted by NIFRS West on Thursday, February 16, 2017

His idea was to make sheep noises, so the lamb would follow his voice and crawl out of the pipe. Instead, it seemed happy to stay underground and have a nice conversation with him.

Afterwards, the crew tried a more modern approach, playing a recording of sheep noises from a smartphone app. This time the plan actually worked. The sheep crawled a little closer to the sounds.

In the end, the firemen called a local farmer, who sent his sheepdog into the hole. The dog managed to pull the sheep out, and both animals were safely reunited with their owners.

So Gallagher's impressions didn't work, but we still think it wasn't a baaaaaad idea!

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