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First This Injured Street Dog Found A Family, Now He Found A Job!

In the most adorable rags-to-riches story ever, Azul the dog has gotten himself a brand new career that comes with an incredibly snappy uniform.

Azul was found on the streets of Bogota, Columbia after he was attacked and injured by another dog. A military reservist named Nicolas Alejandro Walteros took him in and helped him get better and now four years later, he has been put to work!

When Walteros found Azul "[he] told him I would give him everything he needed, and he adopted me as his dad."

They bonded immediately and spent all their time together. Azul likes to ride on Walteros' motorcycle with him and quickly made friends with all the local police officers. Walteros decided to make his little buddy a uniform so he could match the cops when they went out together and everyone loved it.

He quickly became the mascot for the police department. He doesn't have to do all the grunt work like chasing criminals, all he has to do is rock that uniform and look adorable while doing it.

He is the real hero we need! See what happens when you take a chance on a dog who needs a home?

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