15 Flowers That Are Said To Carry Messages From Angels

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15 Flowers That Are Said To Carry Messages From Angels

Angels have a powerful connection to all living things, especially flowers.

Each flower has a symbolic meaning and special spiritual connection to a certain angel.

These angels are responsible for helping you understand your spiritual journey and bring more positivity and prosperity into your life.

These 15 flowers are particularly powerful, and depending on what you want in life, you should grow these in your garden or put them in your home. Some of them are available to order online at affordable rates when you use vouchers such as this Bouqs’ promo code.

If you have any of these flowers, take a moment and breathe them in to become mindful of the angelic presence around you.

1. Honeysuckle

These gorgeous vines have more than just a lovely fragrance.

They're believed to attract messenger angels, who are responsible for bringing positivity and love into your life.

This plant will teach you mindfulness and how to find inner peace within yourself. Like a honeysuckle flower, you must learn to send out lovely vibes that attract others and always be sweet like its nectar.

2. Lily

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These gorgeous flowers represent the Holy Spirit and holds a divine link between yourself and the afterlife.

If you're in need of comfort and peace, keep these in your garden. These flowers will strengthen your connection with a deceased loved one who misses you.

3. Rose

A garden full of roses will attract angels of love into your life.

If you're looking to strengthen or cultivate a new relationship with a significant other, keep these roses close to you. You can also put them in potted plants inside your home.

The best part about these flowers is that they'll give you courage. Roses will inspire you to go after what you want and quiet the negative voices that weigh you down.

4. Marigold

Flowers that are yellow and orange, like marigolds, represent happiness, joy, and eternal life.

If you feel clouded by negativity, marigolds will help you become more optimistic.

They'll teach you that those obstacles you see are actually different opportunities to change your life for the better.

5. Primrose

Queen Victoria's favorite flower was the primrose, and for good reason.

This flower is believed to be very sacred and is associated with emotional rebirth.

If you need to call on the spirit of transformation, these little flowers will help you connect with them. Unknowingly, you'll eventually be guided in the right direction.

6. Hyacinth

Are you feeling lost? Do you feel like your life has suddenly been set on a different course?

These pleasant-smelling flowers are believed to attract your soul angels, who are responsible for bringing clarity and wisdom into your life.

They'll inspire you to change and send you uplifting vibes.

7. Gardenia

These creamy-white blossoms will not only bring your garden to life, but they will also guide you spiritually.

Gardenia's attract angels that help you de-stress and work to bring prosperity in your life.

Say you're in need of money, love, or a more deeper connection with God, these angels will help you achieve your goals.

8. Apple Blossom

These beauties grow on large trees that bloom early spring.

The ancient Celts would decorate their bedroom chambers with these blossoms to attract the angel of love and happiness.

Apple blossoms also symbolize long life, fertility, and sensuality.

9. Amaryllis

Amaryllis are easy to bloom indoors and outdoors, which is a very good sign.

These flowers are associated with the angel of prosperity and abundance.

If you're struggling with your creative endeavors, keep amaryllis plants in your home, especially in your study room.

Its mild, sweet scent will get your creative juices flowing and have you headed towards success in no time.

10. Camellia

These gorgeous soft, petal beauties attract the angel of life.

They are responsible for bringing faithfulness and longevity, and are most powerful when brought into sacred ceremonies.

People who are captivated by camellias are usually longing for something. These flowers may help you get closer to the very thing you want.  

11. Dahlia

These lush flowers attract very powerful messenger angels that try to warn you about the future.

Dahlias in your garden will make sure these forebodings are sent to you so that you can be prepared for a new change in your life.

12. Daffodil

These gorgeous upright flowers attract the angel of forgiveness.

They'll help to bring honesty, selfless and faith into your life.

It's important to take care of yourself, but it's equally as important to love the people around you.

The first step is to forgive yourself, and then forgive others who have done you wrong.

13. Pansy

Pansies are believed to be connected with the afterlife, which is why you'll often see these flowers placed on tombstones.

They're a symbol of remembrance and kindness. Simply looking at these flowers will uplift your spirits and send you good energy from another plane of existence.

14. Tulip

Tulips thrive under the sun and attract a very special angel: Your very own guardian angel.

Guardian angels are one of the greatest gifts you can be given in this life. They'll be by your side through the thick and thin, and you can rely on them for advice.

Keep tulips in your garden to strengthen your guardian angel's presence.

15. Morning Glory

These blue flowers are said to bring the angel of happiness and peace into your life.

It's believed that putting the seeds of the plant under your pillow prevents nightmares and encourages a good night's sleep.

Which of these flowers do you already have in your garden?

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