Fox Banned This Super Bowl Ad Because Of Its Controversial Ending

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Fox Banned This Super Bowl Ad Because Of Its Controversial Ending

One of the most talked-about ads that aired during this year's Super Bowl was for a Pennsylvania company called Lumber 84. Their commercial told the story of a young Mexican girl and her mother traveling to America, but if you watched the ad during the game you didn't see the ending.

That's because Fox actually banned the ad's last scene, which they say comments on President Trump's plan to build a border wall.

Instead, the 90 second ad was re-cut, and viewers were told to check the company's website to see the ending. The site actually crashed because so many people visited it at the same time, so if you're dying to know how the story ends here's the full, six-minute-long ad.

While the commercial is definitely very topical, Brunner - the ad company that made it - says it's not about politics. Rob Schapiro, the company's chief creative officer, says the ad isn't about the wall.

"It's about opportunity."

84 Lumber's president Maggie Hardie Magerko agrees, saying that "America is the land of hope and opportunity for everyone."

"And in this country," she adds, "that should never be a controversial message." But it's fair to say that reactions on the company's Facebook page were mixed, with many people complaining that the ad promotes illegal immigration.

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