5 Reasons Your Frequent Urination Is Actually Warning You Of Something Bigger

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5 Reasons Your Frequent Urination Is Actually Warning You Of Something Bigger

We all do it. Urinating is a normal part of our day. But how do you know when you are going too much? A lot of people struggle with frequent urination, and think that it's just because they have a tiny bladder or because they drank too much water. The thing is, there are some actual medical reasons why you might be peeing so much, and they require a doctor's intervention.

How do you know if you are peeing too much? According to Medical News Today, "Urinary frequency can be defined as needing to urinate more than 7 times in a period of 24 hours while drinking about 2 liters of fluid."

Everybody is different, but this is at least the norm that doctors will use to assess your bathroom habits. While it may not seem like it's anything more than an inconvenience, having to pee more than 7 times a day may be your body's way of trying to warn you that there is something wrong. Here are some of the reasons why you constantly need to go to the bathroom.

1. Diabetes

If you're finding that your having to pee too frequently, it could mean that you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Your body wants to get rid of the access glucose in your system through your urine.

2. Stroke


Neurological diseases can lead to nerve damage in the bladder which will cause you to have issues that include increased frequency and urgency to your urination.

Those aren't the only reasons why you always have to go to the bathroom often...

3. Estrogen Deficiency

Often associated with aging and menopause, an estrogen deficiency can sometimes lead to an overactive bladder.

4. Bladder Stones

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Similarly to kidney stones, bladder stones occur when minerals crystallize where they shouldn't. You'll notice that your urine will become very dark in color and may also cause a burning sensation.

5. Interstitial Cystitis

Characterized by the chronic inflammation of your bladder muscles, interstitial cystitis can cause pain and pressure in your pelvis and abdomen, an urgency to your urination, and even incontinence.

Do you find you have to go to the bathroom more often than you would like to? Talk to your doctor and see if any of these things could be the cause.