Lady Gaga Breaks Her Silence After Steamy Oscar Performance

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Lady Gaga Breaks Her Silence After Steamy Oscar Performance

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In case you've been living under a rock for a few months, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have taken the world by storm thanks to their performances in A Star Is Born. The duo play lovers in the movie, and what's gotten people talking is their off-screen chemistry.

Gaga and Cooper sing the song "Shallow" in the movie, which earned Gaga an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. As is tradition, the pair took the stage to sing the song live. It wasn't the first time it's happened, as Cooper surprised the audience at one of Gaga's Vegas shows to join her, but it was the first time it would be performed in front of so many peers.

While the focus should have been on how good the song is (because it's truly phenomenal,) all people could concentrate on was the chemistry between Gaga and Cooper. It was almost uncomfortable to watch, because the moment felt so intimate between the close friends. What made it even more interesting was that not long before the awards ceremony, Gaga dumped her fiancé, so people wondered if perhaps there was a spark between her and Cooper. Cooper, of course, has been with his girlfriend Irina Shayk for time now, and they even share a daughter.

Cooper's relationship status didn't stop people from talking, and it got to the point where Gaga had to finally address the rumors. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Oscar-winning star spoke about that steamy performance.

"Yes, people saw love and guess what? That's what we wanted you to see," the 32-year-old said after rolling her eyes. "[Shallow] is a love song, A Star Is Born is a love story. It was so important to both of us that we were connected the entire time... When you're singing love songs, that's what you want people to feel."

Gaga also pointed out that it was a performance, just like the movie.

"I'm an artist and I guess [Bradley and I] did a good job... fooled ya!" she added with a laugh.

She also raved about Cooper's performance at the Academy Awards.

"Bradley is a musician," she gushed. "My favourite thing about the whole experience - I was so excited for everyone to see him sing live. In that moment when we started and he said, 'Tell me something, girl,' the audience started cheering and I was like, 'Yes Bradley! Keep going!'"

That last comment didn't really help the cause when it comes to calming down romance rumors, but it's great to see that Cooper and Gaga are so close that they can support each other like that!

If you haven't heard the song, I highly recommend listening to it. You can also watch Gaga's interview right here.

What do you think of their performance?

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