Garth Brooks Posts Emotional Message Following The Las Vegas Tragedy

In 1996, country crooner Garth Brooks released his emotional ballad "The Change" in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing that took the lives of hundreds of people.

This week, following the horrific shooting at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas, Brooks once again picked up his guitar to perform a short rendition of the same song on Facebook Live.

The singer also had a powerful message, and some words of wisdom to convey to those affected by the senseless tragedy, the first responders, and his fellow musicians.


Sitting in front of a TV screen that read "Pray for Las Vegas," the country singer praised those affected by the deadliest mass killing in the history of the U.S. for their display of courage and love despite seeing a "lot of bad things."

"I'm very proud of how the audience handled itself. People were laying down on people to protect them," Brooks said. "Just...character flows through country music. All our love to the victims and the victims' families. All our love to the bands and crews."

"Can't thank the men and women in blue enough," he continued. "Can't thank the firefighters, EMTs, hospital staff, SWAT teams, everybody...and the volunteers."

But it was what he said in the rest of the video that struck a chord with people across the country as well as Brooks's fellow artists.

Brooks admitted that he can't begin to imagine what everyone in Las Vegas is going through at the moment, but fear cannot be allowed to win.

As an artist, he stands firmly by the saying "the show must go on," despite how tough it may be to take the stage after such a terrifying incident.

Brooks doesn't have a show until Thursday, but he expressed his admiration for artists who have to get back up on stage so soon after the tragedy. He also dished out some sage advice for them.

"The show must go on. It just does," Brooks said.  "All things good start with you. If you believe it, start it up. I'll be the first."

Garth Brooks/Facebook

For further encouragement, Brooks shared a line from his favorite movie, Starman, which says, "When things are at your worst, you are at your best."

The singer continued, "When things go bad, doctors go to work. When thing go bad, policemen go to work. When things go bad, music and musicians go to work."

"Those people in those seats, they come to get away from it all, to be happy, to be joyous, to sing, and to love one another. That's what it's all about. So, you got a gig tonight? The music starts tonight. Start it again, start spreading the love. Start creating the greatest power music holds, and that's the power to heal," advised Brooks.

A slightly choked up Brooks then launched into a acoustic performance of "The Change." You can watch the entire video below:

For Las Vegas. love, g

Posted by Garth Brooks on Monday, October 2, 2017

Brooks isn't the only musician to speak out about the horrific mass shooting. In the last couple of days, a number of artists, including his fellow country singer Jason Aldean, have also taken to social media to express their sentiments.

What do you think of Brooks's message?

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