Genius Cat Beats His Owner At This Puzzle Every Time

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Genius Cat Beats His Owner At This Puzzle Every Time

Who says cats can't learn tricks? Maybe they're just too smart to bother. This clever cat certainly gives his owner a run for her money playing the classic shell game.

No matter how fast the lady in this video moves the plastic cups, Snow can always tell which one is hiding the ball.

In fact, he barely seems to break a sweat, playing while reclining in his comfy box. Watch the video and see if your eyes are as sharp as his!

Some naysayers claim that Snow's owner has edited the video to only show the times he wins the game, but in fact it's a compilation of videos from Snow's Instagram account.

Others try and point out that Snow chooses the wrong cup about a minute into the video, but if you watch closely he realizes his mistake and fixes it before the cups are flipped.

People just need to accept that this cat is smarter than they are!

知的ノースケ <A relic of medieval history explains why glasses make people look smart>

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Someone should take this cat to Las Vegas, I bet he's a pretty sharp card player.

And he only gets a nice pat on the head for picking the right cup. Imagine how smart he could be if we gave him treats!

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