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Watching Gerard Butler Sobbing While Shaving His Beard Will Have You Crying (With Laughter) Along With Him

One thing has become clear, and that's Gerard Butler has become very attached to his beard.

You see the 47-year-old Hollywood tough guy being reduced to tears as he has to clean up his look.

Growing out his scruff for the past year, he admits he hasn't picked up a razor since last December.

It had been so long since he had to groom his beard, that the actor even forgot what "shaving" was called.

"So here I am about to...rare s"“t. What do you call this? Shave? Shave my beard off after a year of having it on," Butler told his fans on Instagram.


Thanks to a photo shoot for his new movie Hunter Killer, Butler was forced to shave his facial hair and he was not happy about it.

Sharing the emotional journey he went through on a video on his Instagram, we got to hear his true feelings about it.


"I'm totally depressed. I've also got to cut my hair but I am gonna shave my beard to do some additional photography on Hunter Killer. I've literally had this since last December. It's been way longer than this too and I am totally depressed."

Since it had been so long since the actor had needed to shave, he needed to get reacquired with his electric razor.

"What do I do? Just straight down?" he asked.


He eventually got the hang of it, but didn't hide his feelings as he watch his beard litter the ground.

"Oh my god! Ah! Oh no! Oh my god, look at this. Gone, gone, gone!" he exclaimed.

The shave in action. Consider myself trimmed, finally.

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He revealed a week's worth of looks in a photo gallery on his Instagram, finishing it off with a clean shave, ready for the shoot.


"One week, three looks. The last of the beardy days," he wrote on his Instagram post that outlined the three looks he had that week.

One week, three looks. The last of the beardy days.

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