Get A Wendy's Frosty For 50 Cents All Summer Long

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Besides having better replies than any other business on Twitter, Wendy's is ready to knock the competition out of the water once again by offering fans a way to beat the heat without hurting their wallet.

While people are lining up for trendy treats such as the very Instagrammable charcoal ice cream and restaurants like Dairy Queen are adding a new lineup of flavors to their Blizzard menu, the "fresh, never frozen" fast food experts are going back to the basics with the Frosty.


This summer Wendy's is making it easy to cool down on those hot and humid days with their latest money-saving deal on their signature ice cream-meets-milkshake frozen treat.

A small Frosty typically costs $1 but for the next few weeks you can get it for even cheaper and you don't need any coupons or secret codes to score one.

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