9 Inspiring Ideas To Create Your Own Secret Garden

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9 Inspiring Ideas To Create Your Own Secret Garden

Have you ever dreamed of having your own Secret Garden in the backyard? It would be a dreamy place for you to roll out a picnic blanket, lawn chair, or hammock in the summer months. You could sip a cup of tea and read a good book while enjoying cascading vines, pretty petals, and luscious greenery.

You don't want your garden to look like anyone else's, so why not add some creativity and whimsy to your gardening project? Here are some ideas to kickstart your dream garden:

1. Spilled Flowerpot

Your flowerbed doesn't have to be square. Tip over a large barrel or flowerpot and plant the flowers as if they were "flowing" from the pot. It's super cute!


2. Boiling Cauldron

Use flaming red flowers like Scarlet Sage for the flames and moss for the inside of an old pot. Hang on a few branches, and you have a quirky conversation piece.

Thrifty Mama

3. DIY Tin-Man

Aww! Make a homemade tin man with heart pendant instead of a garden gnome. Use a funnel, soup cans, and sardine tins to create this adorable piece of art.

Living Locurto

4. Lawn Art

Your yard will look like it's from a fairytale if you cut a swirl in the sod. The trick here is to make it contrast with the rest of your garden. Consider planting a brightly-colored clump of flowers in the background or a blossoming tree.

The Garden Glove

5. Fairy Lights

You can't sit in your garden at night without something to light your way. String some fairy lights around the trunk of a tree, the edge of the fence, and over bushes.


6. Stacked Herb Garden

One of life's greatest joys is going into the garden and picking fresh veggies. You don't have to have a lot of space for this little herb planter! Consider adding a touch of modernity to your garden with stylish and functional modern window boxes. These sleek containers provide the perfect solution for growing herbs in a limited space. By stacking the window boxes vertically, you can create a stunning vertical herb garden that not only adds a contemporary touch to your outdoor space but also allows you to conveniently harvest your favorite herbs right from your own backyard.

Crafty House

7. Stone Edging

Turn your entire backyard into a sea of flowerbeds. Leave pathways in between, and line the edges of each individual garden with medium-sized stones.

Gardening Viral

8. Floral Archways

Plant vines or climbing roses to create a beautiful archway fit for a queen. Every secret garden must have one.  

A Piece of Rainbow

9. Fairy Garden

Miniature gardens, or fairy gardens, are a whimsical touch you must have. Add a small door and some windows to the trunk of a tree and add a little moss. Don't forget the toadstools.

Flea Market Gardening

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