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Video Footage Shows What Happens When A Man Gets Swarmed By Hornets

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What's your biggest fear? I hate heights, spiders, and tight spaces. For a lot of people, their biggest fear is hornets or bees. That's why this home in New Orleans is probably going to be appearing in their nightmares for the rest of eternity.

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"We got here, what I would say, is the granddaddy of all hornet's nests, European Yellowjacket," says Jude Verret, the exterminator tasked with destroying the massive hornet's nest.


The shed had been completely overrun with hornets as they built their nest, and eventually the homeowners had no other option than to contact professional help.

"I do see [nests] almost that big from time to time," Verret said. "But that one was really huge. An extreme amount."

Verret wore a GoPro camera as he took on what seemed like an impossible task, and the footage is going completely viral.

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