Give Yourself a Break Mom, You're Doing Fine

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Give Yourself a Break Mom, You're Doing Fine

"I'm working too much and not spending enough time with my kids" is a something almost every mom thinks...sometimes around 20+ times per day. For moms, guilt is that nagging voice inside that constantly asks "Am I doing this mothering thing right?" True, we all worry about something, but mom guilt is hard to avoid because it's easy to for moms to take their kids' problems as a reflection of their perceived inabilities.

If you ask mothers what they feel bad about, the list never ends. They worry about kids watching too much TV, not eating the right foods, and having the wrong friends. How do we fix this?

Sarah Turner, the author of the blog, The Unmumsy Mum, says there's guilt no matter what your approach is. "Everybody feels guilty regardless of what their decision is. If a mum works full time, they feel guilty because they're neglecting their children...If they don't work at all, they feel guilty because they feel they'll be perceived to be lazy, or they're letting themselves down by not pursuing their career."  

Stop right there, take a deep breath, and watch this video from Marie Callender's Canada. A bunch of moms share their stories of guilt, what it looks like for them, and how they put it in perspective.

It's time we #EndMomGuilt and highlight the times when moms succeed in their roles. None of us are perfect, and ultimately, loving the little person in your care is the best way of helping him or her lead a happy, fulfilling life.