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Glen Campbell's Widow Demands $500,000 In Legal Battle With His Children

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Glen / Matt Sayles - AP

It's sad but true: nothing brings a family together like losing a loved one, and nothing tears a family apart like a will.

Even in my family (which is not well-to-do) there are still years-long disputes about the littlest disagreements.

So it's no surprise that with country legend Glen Campbell's $50 million estate at stake, his family is publicly feuding.

Farewell Tour

Glen Campbell.
The Boot

The "Wichita Lineman" singer announced to his fans in 2011 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

A farewell tour followed, but Campbell was getting visibly worse as the dates wore on.

Eventually, he moved back to Nashville to be looked after by his wife Kimberly.

Then, following a doctor's advice, Kimberly moved Campbell into a long-term care home for patients with dementia and Alzheimer's.

But fans - and Campbell's children - accused Kimberly of neglecting her husband.

"They said I was withholding basic necessities"

"I’d get death threats," she confessed to People.

"They’d say, 'Why couldn’t she hire a big strong man to handle him?' But I put child locks on my kitchen cabinets and it would make him mad."

Glen Campbell and Kimberly Campbell.
Campbell with his widow Kimberly.Matt Sayles / AP

A pair of Campbell's children even sued their stepmother, in what Kimberly called a "deliberate" attack.

"They said I was withholding basic necessities like a toothbrush. The reality was he had plenty of toothbrushes but we kept them locked away because he didn’t know what it was and would rinse them in the toilet."

"They never asked. They only attacked."

As Campbell's conditions worsened, his children shared even more complaints about the singer's treatment.

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