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They Thought It Was Just A Coin, But When They Checked The Donation Box Again They Realized

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The Herald

You know the holiday season is here once you start hearing the Salvation Army's bell ringers at the mall.

With their signature red kettles, these volunteers are collecting pocket change to help fund the charity's shelters, soup kitchens, and other projects. Of course, those are all more in demand as the weather gets colder, and shoppers are more generous as Christmas approaches.

NBC 52

But an anonymous donor did more than just leave one more drop in the bucket: someone at a Walmart in Rock Hills, South Carolina left a valuable gold coin in the store's Red Kettle. The charity says it's not unusual to find gold coins in the kettles - especially vintage Mexican pesos - but this coin was different.

News on 6

An appraisal revealed the coin was a 1980 South African Krugerrand, a one ounce, solid gold coin worth $1,200. The average day spent collecting change with a Kettle raises just $300, so this was extremely generous.

The charity hopes the person who dropped the coin will step forward, so they can thank them properly.

But it turns out gold coins aren't even the weirdest thing that's been dropped in those red kettles.

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