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Goldie Hawn's 14 Year Disappearance Explained

Goldie Hawn was one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood for over a decade. She couldn't make a bad movie it seemed like. Critics and fans loved her, she made money, she won awards - and then she disappeared.

Hawn started her performing career at an incredibly young age. By 3 she was already taking tap and dance lessons. She landed her first movie role when she was 27 and worked steadily right up until 2002. When she went off the radar.

While many stars fade, Hawn wasn't struggling to make headlines. She has Hollywood's most successful romance with another A-lister Kurt Russell and is the mother to an equally talented Kate Hudson, who is a major star in her own right.

Goldie Hawn
Daily Mail

That's what makes Hawn's disappearance so much more interesting. She didn't wink out, she chose to walk away.

Now, 15 years after her last major role, Hawn spoke out about why she went away.

"I felt that life should be full of different things," Hawn Explained. "I'd been making movies for a long time. I wanted to do things that interest me, not just work to work."

After her last movie in 2002 Hawn decided to walk away from the movie sets and "turn her gaze" to things she really cared about. That's when she established The Goldie Hawn Foundation.

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The foundation is devoted to helping develop learning tools to help children reach their full potential. The launched a program called MindUP, which is now used in countries around the world.

After having philanthropic success Hawn is returning to work. She's set to star in a comedy with Amy Schumer due out later in 2017. She's also finally getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, directly beside her long-time lover Kurt Russel.