Goldie Hawn's Scary Ouija Board Encounter Will Keep You Up Tonight

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Goldie Hawn's Scary Ouija Board Encounter Will Keep You Up Tonight

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are some eerie accounts of encounters with visitors from the afterlife that will surely give you chills. One such example is Goldie Hawn's story about using an ouija board.

The actress was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show back in 1987, and during the interview she decided to share her goosebumps-inducing experience.

Back in the 80s, the Private Benjamin actress and her partner, Kurt Russell, were at home enjoying a few glasses of wine before calling it a night when their children's ouija board caught their attention.

"I said, "˜We've got to throw this thing out, get rid of it, burn it. But before we do... why don't we try it?'" suggested Hawn.

Man Repeller

Although Russell was more of a skeptic than Hawn, he still agreed to take part in the session. Along with their nanny, the Hollywood couple proceeded to give the board a try, even though paranormal experts advise against the casual use of it. The use of an ouija could open up a door to other dimensions, and if Stranger Things has taught us anything it is that unknown dimensions are dangerous.

"Most often the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija are those whom reside on 'the lower astral plane,'" explained ghost researcher Dale Kaczmarek of the Ghost Research Society.

"These spirits are often very confused and may have died a violent or sudden death; murder, suicide, etc. Therefore, many violent, negative and potentially dangerous conditions are present to those using the board."

The Lineup

So as you can imagine, Hawn, Russell, and the nanny were getting themselves into something that could go wrong very quickly.

The trio placed their hands on the planchette, and Hawn kicked off the session by asking questions and writing the letters down.

"I was taking the letters down. Kurt was blindfolded on one end and our nanny ... was on the other end, and they could not see where this thing was going," Hawn explained.  

As soon as the planchette's window started revealing letters, Hawn began to get chills.

Hawn's first question was "Who is with us now?"

The planchette began to move, revealing the letters that spelled N-E-W   B-A-B-Y   R-U-S-S-E-L-L.

"I get the chills just thinking about it," she told Oprah.

Hawn, who had two young children, Oliver and Kate Hudson, was not yet pregnant with her third child.


Still, she kept her composure and asked, "Do you know what you want to be?"

"H-A-P-P-Y," the planchette spelled.

Hawn then followed it with, "Who is willing you in?"

"O-L-I-V-E-R," answered the spirit.

"I promise you," Hawn told Oprah. "Not "˜O, maybe L.' It was "˜O-L-I-V-E-R.' Inside, I'm screaming."

While Hawn was still reeling from the shock, her son woke up from his sleep and came running down the stairs. Russell and the nanny still had no idea what was going on.

"He comes running downstairs," Hawn recalled. "It was like two in the morning. "˜Mommy,' he said, "˜I'm scared.' He had some weird thing happen to him when he was sleeping. Nightmare."


The actress tucked her son back in bed, before returning to the ouija board to ask one last question: "Do you know that you're coming to me?"

The planchette replied, "Y-E-S.  B-Y-E   B-Y-E   M-O-M-M-Y."

The trio ended their session, but the answers always stuck with Hawn, even as she gave birth to her third child, Wyatt Russell, on July 10, 1986.

"When the baby came and everything was joyous, Oliver came and he picked the baby up and he laid down on the bed with him. He said, "˜Mom, I can't believe he's here and he's mine,'" Hawn said. "It's an enormous connection."


Do you believe the ouija board predicted the birth of Goldie's child?

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