Camera Survives Drowning In Lava, Captures The Whole Thing


Camera Survives Drowning In Lava, Captures The Whole Thing

GoPro cameras are all the rage these days. We now have the ability to film life sequences that we would have never been able to do so before, and the footage can be absolutely stunning in its professional quality.

But what exactly are the limits to which you can take your GoPro camera? One tour guide decided he wanted to find out.

Erik Storm, the lead tour guide from Kilauea EcoTours decided that he wanted to know what it would like to be consumed by lava, or at least what it would look like from the inside. He placed his GoPro camera in the path of an oncoming lava stream, and waited.

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Molten lava typically sits between 1300 - 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to melt just about anything. Magically, Storm's GoPro not only managed to capture the moment that it was engulfed with molten rock, but it even managed to survive the experience.  

GoPro just got the greatest quality of product review you could ask for, but what happens to other stuff when it is exposed to molten lava?

How about a can of Monster energy drink?

Or your old iPhone?

This is one way to get rid of that bag of garbage before garbage day. Though I don't recommend throwing anything into an active volcano, you never know what could happen.

We are taught as children to be able to recognize danger and to do our best to avoid it whenever we can. Apparently, some people just never got that memo and decided to take their chances "playing" with molten lava. Darwin would feel justified with some of these clips.

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