Grandma Becomes Viral Sensation With Funny Boudoir-Style Photoshoot


Grandmother Becomes Viral Sensation With Hilarious Boudoir-Style Photoshoot

Roaming Magnolias Photography by Samantha Bishop/Facebook

We give our loved ones gifts throughout the year on their birthdays and special occasions, and sometimes we don't even need a reason to shower them with free stuff.

This is why when the holiday season finally comes around we struggle to find a present that will impress.

Last Christmas, while we were all busy perusing through online gift guides and catalogs, one Georgia grandmother decided to go in a completely different direction when it came to her husband's gift.

Lisa enlisted the help of her daughter Samantha Bishop, owner of Roaming Magnolias Photography, and together they did a photoshoot that turned her mother into a viral sensation.

Lisa, who wanted to give her husband a portrait of herself for Christmas, combined her sense of humor, love of knitting, and her daughter's experience with boudoir photography to create a unique concept that has everyone in stitches.

"My mom is actually very modest," Samantha tells CountryLiving. "So when I said she should do a boudoir shoot so that she can see what I do for a living, she joked, 'Only in a bathtub full of yarn' "” thinking I wouldn't make it happen."

Lisa's photoshoot became an instant hit online, receiving thousands of "Likes" and hundreds of comments, with people showering the grandmother with compliments.

"Cute? That right there is sexy confidence," wrote one Facebook user. Another added, "Just too funny. I want to be her. And I think I have enough yarn too. Here's to crafty ladies everywhere."

Some took the opportunity to make some crochet puns: "I see she's also a hooker (crochet, silly)!!!"

"Just the right amount of Spice !!!!" read one comment, while another called the entire thing "BRILLIANT!"

The mother-daughter duo put the photos into a book for Lisa's husband, Mike, and just like everyone who has ever seen the photos, he was very amused. Just look at his face!

Check out more photos from Lisa's knotty shoot below:

According to Samantha, her mother loved the results so much so that she asked to do another photo shoot so she could surprise her husband with another album for her wedding anniversary.

"My mom apparently got a big confidence boost for her first shoot, because she decided we needed to do a second, saucier shoot for her and my dad's anniversary next week," Samantha wrote in the caption of the new photos.

This time, she made sure to include a pair of compression socks and BenGay pain relief cream in the photos.

After receiving multiple requests, Lisa and Samantha created a Grandma's Gone Wild calendar "complete with all your favorite photos from both shoots."

What do you think of Lisa's photos?

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