Watch: Adorable Grandparents Got "Engaged" Again After 63 Years Of Love

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Watch: Adorable Grandparents Got "Engaged" Again After 63 Years Of Love

christinacherie - Twitter

At 85 years young, Karl Von Schwarz got down on one knee to pop the question to his beloved Donna last week.

Never mind the fact that the couple have been married for the last 63 years - that just made the heartfelt gesture even sweeter.

Karl and Donna's granddaughter, Christina, caught the romantic moment on camera as her grandfather proposed at the jewelry counter of a J.C. Penney store.

Karl and Donna are high school sweethearts who still live on the same street where they grew up.christinacherie - Twitter

"My grandma has been very sick [and] we don't know how much time she has left," Christina revealed. "After over 65 years* of marriage my grandpa got her a new ring and proposed to her again... I don't know why I'm crying in the club [right now]."

*(Local news stories later corrected the post: Karl and Donna have only been married for 63 years, but were high school sweethearts have been together for over 65 years.)

"They're really just such amazing people, I've never met anyone like them," Christina told local news station WFAA. "They're definitely something to strive for in a relationship."

Karl and Donna
Karl still calls Donna the "gal" he's loved "all my life."christinacherie - Twitter

The touching moment was an instant hit with Christina's followers, so she also provided a video of Karl popping the question.

As Christina revealed, Karl and Donna's decades of love have not always been easy. Donna recently suffered a stroke and a seizure, and needed open heart surgery.

Karl's had promised his wife a new ring if she made it through her surgery, and he kept that promise this month.

He told WFAA the moment was "great," because "it's a gal I've loved all of my life."

"It was very easy. You know we've been together so long that we can't stay apart easily."

Elderly Couple proposal
Donna called her new ring "gorgeous."christinacherie - Twitter

Donna added that she was very happy with her "really beautiful" new ring. "It's gorgeous."

People can't stop sharing the emotional video, with many viewers wishing Karl and Donna all the best in their twilight years.

"I told them that they were famous on Twitter and they were so happy," Christina said. "I never thought it would blow up, but it definitely deserves the recognition that it got."

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We wish Karl and Donna all the best in the time they have together.

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